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The Walla Walla County Department of Public Works consists of a diverse staff of 59 engineers, surveyors, construction and GIS Specialists, equipment operators, road maintenance crews, mechanics and professional support staff operating across 1300 square miles in Southeast Washington. The Public Works Department is responsible for the planning, engineering, design, construction, operation and maintenance of approximately 1000 miles of county roadways, 200 bridges and over 5 miles of flood control channel. Department staff also coordinates new development transportation infrastructure design and construction, provides county-wide GIS support, and oversees the County stormwater management program.

What is the value of the County Road system? The true value of the County Road system is incalculable. The County Road system provides vital access to nearby and remote corners of our county and state. The County Road system provides access for emergency response in times of urgent need; access to farms, orchards and vineyards and the transport of agricultural products; access to and from industrial, manufacturing and processing plants, commuter access to and from work, and access to the many scenic and recreational areas of our beautiful state. The County Road system also provides a low cost location for the required utilities of modern life (water, sewer, electricity, phone, gas, TV cable). Without the County Road system, life as we know it would be totally different, immensely less enjoyable, and much more costly.